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Nearly 75 million people make up the Millennial generation in the United States, and yet, for many nonprofits, this generation remains an untapped resource. The most significant transfer of wealth known as the Great Transfer of Wealth is shifting from older generations to the Millennials and younger ones. This transfer has prompted nonprofits to navigate new realities caused by the pandemic and other social issues. Nonprofits should consider Millennials as a valuable source of people, power, and philanthropic support. Dr. Holly Hull Miori, an academic, researcher, and fundraising professional, has developed a comprehensive guide that explores the potential roles that Millennials can and should assume in nonprofits, including those of donors, board members, and volunteers. Her guide is designed to engage both academic and nonprofit/fundraising audiences, offering insights and actionable strategies for unlocking the potential of this emerging group. The book presents six distinct findings, providing innovative ideas that nonprofits and fundraisers can implement to engage the Millennial generation effectively. It features a combination of case studies and a roadmap to help readers gain practical insights into engaging this demographic group.

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“Millennial Philanthropy is a must-read for any nonprofit leader seeking to cultivate a closer 
connection to the largest generation. Holly Miori wonderfully centers rousing personal stories to spotlight the motivations, societal impact, and quantifiable value-add of millennials. Each chapter highlights insightful theories, aligns to relevant frameworks, and best of all, results in a more informed and inspired reader.”

Tycely Williams, CFRE, Chief Development Officer, The Bipartisan Policy Center,

Praise & Reviews

“This book is a comprehensive guide to understanding the nonprofit landscape and how to prepare for the future. Through insightful analysis and engaging case studies, the author sheds  light on how this generation interacts with nonprofits in terms of fundraising and volunteerism. 
The inclusion of a chapter on Gen Z provides a valuable perspective on the future of nonprofit engagement. What sets this book apart is its practical approach—the final chapter offers actionable steps for engaging millennials beyond the usual tactics. The author brings twenty years of practical and academic experience and it is a must-read
for anyone interested in philanthropy and nonprofit management.”

Meghna Sabharwal, PhD, Professor, The University of Texas at Dallas

“We all want to know how younger generations will shape philanthropy, and as both scholar and practitioner Holly Miori offers us a number of insights to begin answering this question. Through field work, interviews, and a great grasp of the larger field, Miori leads us to wrestle with real stories and a textured analysis beyond the latest national survey. Millennials and Gen Z are both 
the future and current face of philanthropy. Miori serves as a trustworthy
guide along the way.”

David P. King, PhD, Lake Institute on Faith & Giving, Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy

Dr. Holly and #MillennialPhilanthropy in the News

Tapping Millennials Mindset

AFP Global

Dr. Miori shares her insights with AFP Global on millennials as donors and volunteers. Link here for the AFP website Tapping Millennials Mindset

PDF of Tapping Millennials Mindset

"So Millennial of You"

UT Dallas Spotlight

UT Dallas profiled Dr. Holly in an alumni story. Link here So Millennial of You


Dr. Miori is co-owner of CTD Initiative, LCC. CTD Initiative, LLC connects the dots for your fundraising, nonprofit bookkeeping and speaking and training needs.  

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With nearly 20 years of fundraising and research interests, Dr. Miori can speak on the following:

Millennial Philanthropy | Trends in Philanthropy

Ethics in Fundraising | Major Gifts 

Customized Presentations

Writing with Pen

Book Signing

Dr. Miori's is available for book signings at your next nonprofit event, as well as speaking on millennial philanthropy for your staff, board, or volunteers. 

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CTD Initiative, LLC can support:

Fundraising for generational giving

Next generation strategy

Book keeping and database management


About Dr. Holly Hull Miori

Holly Hull Miori, PhD, MPA, MTS, CFRE has spent nearly twenty years fundraising and is an elder millennial herself. She has raised funds both locally and nationally in areas as diverse as higher education, healthcare, social services, the arts, human rights, and Holocaust education. She holds master’s degrees in theological studies and public affairs and a PhD in public affairs, where she focused on millennial philanthropy. Her research on trends in philanthropy includes faith-based fundraising, family foundations, and conscious capitalism. Dr. Miori is an active volunteer in local AFP chapters, AFP US Government Relations, AWARE Dallas and Paper for Water. Dr. Miori has held fellowships with the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action and the Lake Institute at Lilly Family School of Philanthropy.  She is a sought-after speaker and instructor on fundraising trends.

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